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floundering through life
22 August 2008 @ 10:04 pm
This year we went on holiday to the Philippines. We stayed at a resort called Atlantis Hotel: Puerto Galera for ten nights and had the best service I have ever experienced at a dive resort. The food was amazing, the people were beautiful and the diving absolutely spectacular.

I took well over 6 gigabytes of photos (again) and have narrowed the field of favourites down to just over 50 (which is still pretty impressive for me!).

I'm breaking them up into installments and posting them as and when I have time.

Just for continuity of information - the island we were staying on was Mindoro, and the resort is located on Sabang Beach, a five or so minute drive out of the main city of Puerto Galera. To be honest, we only went into PG once because Sabang has more nightlife and activity than even my group of divers needed! Certainly a magic place to have a holiday.

Enough rambling - here goes the photos!

The classic (and real!) nemo!!

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floundering through life
12 June 2008 @ 10:46 am
1.Pictures - because I have not spammed you all with teh awesomeness that is diving, here are some new pics I took this weekend at the combined clubs weekend in Bicheno...if I can remember how to put pictures in posts... [headdesk]

A brittle star on a sponge at 45m on the Golden Bommies.

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2. More Picture stuff

Once upon a time shaz took this picture:

Shaz was convinced by various peoples, including her boy, to enter it in the photo competition at the combined club weekend. Guess who came second!?!??!!

What impressed me more than placing, though, was the photographer who was judging it (a professional U/W photographer) said it was the best shot of a seahorse he'd ever seen. *preens*

Excuse me while my ego takes over the world.
floundering through life
29 April 2008 @ 10:02 pm
Some pictures taken over the last few months - hardly any worth looking at really.

a pufferfish i harrassed at the ODP xmas party during my safety stop.

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floundering through life
12 July 2007 @ 10:10 pm
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Nessie the Moray Eel - we all patted her under her chin!

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floundering through life
30 May 2007 @ 10:17 am
Yes, it's that time of the year again - PHOTO TIME!

I have taken lots of photos lately (aside from Melbourne pics with which I spammed you), so here are my favourites of the new batch, and the photos from my bicheno weekend :)

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Bicheno Weekend - including a Monster Cray!Collapse )
floundering through life
30 May 2007 @ 10:15 am
Because I know you've all just been waiting for them!

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A jellyfish

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floundering through life
28 February 2007 @ 01:31 pm
Went for a night dive at Farewell Beacon up north monday night. BRILLIANT. We ended up right in a coral spawning too, which was absolutely amazing and total fluke because it's SO UNLIKELY that the timing would ever work, but it did!

Anyway, the dive was amazing, the coral spawning was unreal, and my STROBE IS AWESOME!

First pics taken with my new STROBE! YEAH BABY!

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Sponge in the river

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The most amazing thing about this dive, photography aside, is that the coral was spawning!! I know in QLD on the barrier reef, the coral spawns once a year and people pay hundreds of dollars for tickets on boats to witness it, and even then they're not exactly sure when it'll go. For us to have gotten in, randomly, on a night limited by tidal flow (you have to time the dives just right) and to have witnessed it was just incredible!! I have photos of the spawning; it just looks like a lot of backscatter, but very very thick. It was something I never thought I'd seen in tassie, let alone dive in ever!

On the other note - the strobe is AMAZING. I can light everything up with true colour now, instead of the red-tint everything had before, AND there is very little if no backscatter! The other postiive I found of the strobe, was the fact that it has a red focus light which, apparently, fish aren't scared of so they just sat there instead of swimming away the way they normally do if you shine a white light on them!

floundering through life
19 February 2007 @ 10:13 am
Camera: Sony DSC P150 (7.2mpx)
Lighting: Natural light for most, however the shot of the starfish and one other used a very small LED.
Lenses: Wideangle for the seadragon, bubblerings & last two kelp silhouettes.

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Long Snouted Boarfish

A few more of fish and the Troy DCollapse )

And that would be it for this times' spam :D It won't be the last though.

I didn't use my strobe or the macro lens this time (paranoid am I) which I don't really regret, because it's not something I want to ruin or break or not use properly and then screw things up. I had fun playing with the wideangle on the last dive (as is apparent by the seadragon shots) and will keep that permanently on my camera housing now, until I have the rest figure out. Hopefully I'll get in a night dive or three this week, and fool around with the gear!

And really, Photobucket is TOTALLY giving me the annoyance tonight. It is SO SLOW. *bashes it*
floundering through life
07 January 2007 @ 05:45 pm
I haven't spammed you all photos recently. I've been quite slack, actually.

Rather than post all the photos I've taken in the last months, I've picked out my new favourites.


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[Giant cuttlefish]

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floundering through life
13 July 2006 @ 10:09 pm
Like I promised threatened, here are my photos from Melbourne [Australia] of diving on a submarine and a wreck.

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